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Satisfaction of Mortgage Letter Attorney

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 What is a Satisfaction of Mortgage Letter? A satisfaction of mortgage letter is a letter legally required to be sent by your bank or loan company showing that you have fully paid off your mortgage and it is “satisfied”.

What do I do when I receive a Satisfaction of Mortgage Letter? When a bank or loan company sends you a letter referring to your “Satisfaction of Mortgage” it is important to hold onto that as they have 60 days from the date of full payment to send in a letter to the county court house detailing the satisfaction of your mortgage. After 60 days, contact Wexler Law Offices immediately if you still have not received your recorded satisfaction letter.

My loan company sent me a satisfaction of Mortgage Letter, what do I do now? A Satisfaction of Mortgage letter is required after you have fully paid off your mortgage with your bank or loan provider. If you have not received your recorded satisfaction letter, contact Wexler Law Offices today.

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Mortgage Satisfaction Letter Lawyer

S Wexler, LLC is actively seeking homeowners who have paid off the mortgage but have not received their satisfaction of mortgage letter.

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Mortgage Satisfaction Attorney Services

Common complaints and questions we hear:

  • I received my mortgage satisfaction letter but what do I do?
  • I still haven’t received my mortgage satisfaction letter.
  • Paid of my mortgage but county still says it is outstanding.
  • My mortgage is paid off but I can’t get a new loan.
  • I got a mortgage satisfaction letter but not the actual recorded satisfaction.
  • Loan company hasn’t recorded my mortgage being paid off.
  • Paid off my mortgage but it’s still there.
  • It has been 60 days and I still don’t have my mortgage satisfaction letter.

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*There is no fee unless you win or collect.  “No fee unless you win or collect” refers to fees charged by the attorney. Court costs and other additional expenses of legal action usually must be paid by the client. Contingent fees are not permitted in all types of cases. However, in a landlord tenant case, we will advance all fees and never seek to recoup these fees unless there is a recovery.

S Wexler LLC, PC is actively seeking tenants who have had their security deposits taken by landlords in Georgia.

Mortgage Satisfaction Letter Attorney Services

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