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If you have a dispute with a landlord over a security deposit, or believe you may have been a victim of unlawful collection practices by a collection agency or debt buyer, or need help with credit reporting agencies, or debt defense …

… fill out the following case evaluation request form or call one of our office locations for immediate help.

By submitting a case evaluation request, you understand and agree that this request is for a free case evaluation, and that no attorney-client relationship is created by submitting this case evaluation request.  We will review your claim and contact you to discuss your claim if we believe there may be violation(s) of the law. 

This case evaluation is intended for use by consumers. Submitter affirms:

(1)  they are a consumer or are acting on behalf of the consumer described in the facts claimed;

(2)  affirms they are not a debt collector or employed by or acting on behalf of a debt collection agency, debt buyer, or credit reporting agency.

* required

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S Wexler, LLC is dedicated exclusively to protecting the rights of consumers, their assets, and their credit rating.