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It’s possible that you could be a party in a class action lawsuit and might not even know it.

What is a class action lawsuit?

If you’ve gotten a notice of a pending or completed class action lawsuit, you may be wondering what to do next.

A class action is a lawsuit when a group of people (referred to as the “class”) have suffered the same or similar injuries from the same act and file a lawsuit as a group rather than as individuals. Class action notice is required to be given to all persons who would be affected by a courts decision.  Although it is not usually possible to give every such individual personal notice, all persons who might be affected are entitled to the best notice possible.

Wexler Law brings Class Action lawsuits on behalf of consumers injured as a result of unlawful collection activity by debt collectors or debt buyers, or consumers injured as a result of violations of the FCRA.  Class notices on actions brought by Wexler Law are posted here, among other places.


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